Does BMK Accounting offer hourly rates for bookkeeping?

Yes! BMK Accounting provide services at an hourly rate as well as Monthly / Quarterly accounting packages. BMK Accounting can provide once off services or ongoing services depending on your business needs. BMK Accounting packages are tailored to meet each clients business needs. 

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Bookkeeper -v- Accountant for ATO reporting?

Bookkeeping can be viewed as the first stage in the accounting process, in which the bookkeeper sorts, classifies, records and reports information about the business's transactions. BMK Accounting ensures these transactions are recorded completely and accurately.

BMK Accounting offer cost effective rates and work co-operatively with your Accountants so they can focus on your financial statements ans tax returns.

Would a business still need an Accountant/Tax Agent if we engage with BMK Accounting?

Yes you will need an Accountant or Tax Agent to prepare and submit your financial statements and annual tax returns. BMK Accounting will work cooperatively with your Accountant to look after your business financials.  BMK Accounting use proper accounting methods to record your bookkeeping providing your Accountant or Tax Agent easy access for processing your end of year financials.

Can BMK Accounting assist us with training and setting up our accounting software?

Yes absolutely. BMK Accounting can not only assist you with the setup of your accounting software, we can also train you on the software and how to use it. BMK Accounting's preferred accounting software is Xero.

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